Razor Blade Saver

Essential oils, while desirable, all contain a degree of emulsified acid and being organic will spoil, produceing a growth medium for bacteria. Something else had to be found.
The solution chosen contains no emulsions or acids and has been refined to remove any carcinogenic agents, acetates and fragrance like those found in mineral and baby oils.

The end result is a crystal clear, oderless, 'Immersion Solution' that strips oxygen from the blade edge and holds a 'Food Grade' rating.

A note to the ladies - When you shave your legs one time, you are shaveing 5X the surface area as any man .  This should be the true test, so feel free to share your results with me. 

A note to the guys - Tired of sharing your razor with family members?  After all, the only reason they're using your blade is because theirs has gone dull.  Hmmmmm

RBS Kit consist of BladeHolder, Immersion Solution         and Instructions.  (razor not included)
This is what a new blade looks like magnified 1300X
<<Even a new blade looks pretty rough up close.

The 'Immersion solution'
coats the steel, protecting it from the elements and STOPS THE DAMAGE.
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Solution Refills
All this research begs the question. If corn oil is made from corn, what is baby oil made from?